Liberty Call Special Reserve Very Small Batch Reposado De Beto Agave Spirits (Jersey bottle design)

Liberty Call Special Reserve Very Small Batch Reposado De Beto Agave Spirits (Jersey bottle design)

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This fine agave made in Jalisco and aged in a virgin American New Oak Barrel to give it the sweet and fruitful taste. It is golden and brown from picking up the medium charred oak in a small 10-gallen barrel. While certainly it is an acquired taste, the subtle and sophisticated flavors of this particular agave create a very palatable flavor.

Because of the oak, you get notes of oak, vanilla, and caramel as well as a buttery cinnamon finish.

Being aged correctly, has created more spice and sweet aromatics notes allowing it to be sipped neat. It also enhances the fresh fruits and different syrups that come from the blue agave plant it was made from.

This reposado makes for great sipping or mixing for cocktails.

The smooth mouth feel and pleasingly agave cooked flavor makes this spirit very rich and creamy. Not too sweet, not too spicy – just perfectly balanced.

Notice the dark amber colors. 

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