Liberty Call Special Reserve Very Small Batch Doublewood Whiskey (Liberty bottle design)

Liberty Call Special Reserve Very Small Batch Doublewood Whiskey (Liberty bottle design)

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Our Liberty Call Family takes great pride in creating the exceptional taste of our Double Wood Bourbon. This is a labor of love, with every batch being carefully tasted through each step of the aging process to ensure the highest quality in every bottle. 

It all begins with the meticulous selection of only the finest 53-gallon medium charred American Oak barrels, where the bourbon will first age for up to 3 years. 

While an outstanding bourbon emerges from this step alone, we decided to go above and beyond in pursuit of unrivaled taste. That’s why we finish every batch in five-gallon medium charred American Oak barrels for a minimum of 6 months. 

By exposing the bourbon to 10 times more wood, we achieve a deep amber in the glass. With hints of oak and spice on the nose between soft vanilla notes, there is a pronounced sweetness on the palate while showing touches of caramel and dark chocolate.

Our love for this craft is evident in every sip of our bourbon and we’d be honored for you to share a drink with us. Enjoy responsibly.

✓ FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE - Upload your logo and submit text for a custom design. (Upon completing your order, you will receive a preview via email within 1-2 business days, excluding holidays.)

✓ HANDCRAFTED - Each bottle is meticulously sand carved by hand by our skilled artists.

✓ DEEP CUT GLASS - Your deep-etched custom design will never fade or come off in the dishwasher, keep these bottles for life!

✓ IMPERIAL QUALITY - Our premium bottles are sand-carved in San Diego, CA by Social Wine & Spirits.

✓ PERFECTLY-SIZED - These bottles can hold 750mL of your favorite beverage. Supported by a solid weighted base, it's a decanter worthy of your finest whiskey. The cork top makes it ideal for liquor or wine.

✓ IMBIBED WITH A PATRIOTIC SPIRIT - Operated by military veterans, our company brings honor and integrity into running the business. Expect nothing but the best in our products.

✓ EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE - We are committed to providing the best customer service. Our bottles are created with the same level of dedication. We have the reviews to vouch for it!