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Founded in 1879, Kentucky Owl was successfully chugging along until 1916, when all their stock of Bourbon was confiscated by the feds right before Prohibition took effect. Though the whiskey was supposedly removed to a warehouse for “safekeeping” by the government, all inventory was lost in fire a few short years later. Some find this fire to be suspicious, and it has been proposed that Al Capone made off with it and sold it in Chicago. The loss of inventory and the calamity of Prohibition shut the distillery down for good. The company founder’s great-great grandson, Master Blender Dixon Dedman, is now restarting the brand, based on careful investigation of the best bourbons in Kentucky. ‘Confiscated’ is made in honor of those barrels seized by the feds, and has notes of graham cracker, citrus, coffee, and cinnamon.

*Bottle only shipped, not outer cardboard packaging.