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In 1895, Lazaro Gallardo, a tavern owner and tequila producer, named his specially produced tequila Gran Centenario® to commemorate the turn of the new century. Today, Gran Centenario® remains family-owned and is recognized as Mexico’s most award-winning 100% agave tequila for its exceptional quality and taste.

Handcrafted in small batches at Hacienda Los Camichines in Jalisco, Mexico, Gran Centenario® uses the finest blue agave plants that range from 10-12 years and are grown in the highlands where the soil is richer. Gran Centenario® Reposado is rested in new French Limousin oak barrels for 10 months, then blended with aged tequila reserves following the unique and proprietary Selección Suave process created by the Gallardo family over a century ago.

The bottle, made of fluted glass, is inspired by the art deco style of design. The Angel, seen on every label, is a symbol of independence.

Gran Centenario® Reposado is enjoyed best neat, on the rocks, or in a crafted cocktail.


*Bottle only shipped, not outer cardboard packaging.