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Belle Meade Bourbon Finished in XO Cognac Cask™ is the result of painstaking attention to detail to create a product of unmistakable quality and character.

The perfect casks are sought out for the project because like any other ingredient, the finishing cask must be exceptional in order to achieve exceptional results. The casks are made of French Limousin Oak that have been used for 12 years to age one of the world's premiere Fine Champagne XO Cognacs. One smell of these casks tells you that they hold truly magnificent potential as finishing barrels.

Then the casks are filled with a blend of well-aged Bourbons to coax the best results from the casks. The blend we select brings out the spice and fruit characteristics of the cask while bringing rich depth and complexity which plays perfectly with the soft, luxurious flavors of the well-aged Cognac flavors embedded in the French oak.

*Bottle only shipped, not outer cardboard packaging.