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Founded in 1974, Baileys has long been the go-to name when it came to Irish Cream Liqueur having created the category itself through the combination of Irish whiskey and fresh dairy cream. Currently one of the best-selling liqueur brands in the world, their expressions are currently available in over 130 countries with each bottle being crafted exclusively in Dublin, Ireland, where their plant helps support the over 1,500 farms that supply their massive demand for fresh dairy cream.

Serving as the brand’s signature offering since their introduction, the Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur delivers the classic flavors of cream liqueur that made it such a massive hit with drinkers. Each batch of this liqueur begins its life with triple-distilled pot still Irish whiskeys sourced from various distilleries and fresh cream specifically sourced from happy Holstein-Friesian cows which are delivered daily to their facility. These ingredients are then homogenized to form an emulsion before being blended with vanilla, cocoa, sugar, and neutral spirit to create its delectable flavor profile before being finally bottled with no artificial preservatives.

*Bottle only shipped, not outer cardboard packaging.